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Online survey for photographers launched
Project : SAY CHEESE!
Published at : 2013-02-01

How familiar are photographers from Belarus, Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Azerbaijan with each other’s works?  How do photographers deal with infringement of their copyright? Are photographers familiar with stock photography standards? Which photography-related topics need more coverage in photographic communities of the Eastern Partnership? In order to get answers to these questions, EU project “SAY CHEESE!” is launching an online survey in six Eastern Partnership countries.

1-3 February 2013 Bella Dvina at “Adventur 2013” in Vilnius
Project : BELLA DVINA 2
Published at : 2013-02-01

On 1-3 February 2013 Vilnius hosted the International Tourism Exhibition “Adventur 2013”.

The Tourism Information Centres’ specialists of Latgale, Utena and Vitebsk regions took part in the exhibition in the framework of EU project “Fostering Capacity for Tourism Development in Latgale-Utena-Vitebsk Cross Border Region” (LLB-1-098) (BELLA DVINA 2), which is being implemented within the Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus Cross-border Cooperation Programme. 3 regions were presented as joint tourism destinations – Baltic Country of Lakes and Bella Dvina.
The visitors of the stand received the project brochure “Your Best Holidays in Latgale, Aukštaitija and Vitebsk region” containing full information on tourism resources as well as tourism map of Latgale region, Vitebsk oblast, Anykščai, Utena and Zarasai districts.

New EU-funded project to support photographers in the Eastern Partnership countries
Project : SAY CHEESE!
Published at : 2013-01-30

To create more favorable conditions for the development of photographic art, to strengthen collaboration between photographers from Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Moldova, to strive to improve quality, increase recognition and competitiveness of photo works from these countries – these are the aims of the new EU project SAY CHEESE!