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Published at : 2013-04-05

What does an average Eastern Partnership photographer look like? According to the results of the online survey within the EU-funded project SAY CHEESE, an average Eastern Partnership photographer is a male, aged 18-34, with a graduate or undergraduate degree, possessor of a digital single lens reflex camera; he considers himself an advanced amateur photographer and does not belong to any photographers union. This portrait is based on the majority of responses from Belarusian, Armenian, Georgian, Moldovan, Ukrainian and Azerbaijani photographers who took part in the project’s online survey.

Associations of photographers from Eastern Partnership countries: cooperation is a first step to meet the challenges of contemporary photography
Project : SAY CHEESE!
Published at : 2013-03-27

For the first time in many years, associations of photographers from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan came together in order to take part in an international conference and discuss the development of contemporary photography in their countries.

International conference in Minsk "Challenges of contemporary Eastern Partnership photography".
Project : SAY CHEESE!
Published at : 2013-03-15

On 21-22 March 2013, Institute of Journalism of the Belarusian State University (Minsk, Kalvariyskaya 9) will host an international conference Photography in Eastern Partnership countries: challenges and solutions. The conference will take place within the EU project “SAY CHEESE! EASTERN PARTNERSHIP FAMILY ALBUM. Capacity building, networking and promotion of thematic Eastern Partnership photography”.