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2012 - 2015

SAY CHEESE! Eastern Partnership Family Album: Capacity Building, Networking and Promotion of Thematic Eastern Partnership Photography


The project aimed to develop the photography presenting the Eastern Partnership as a common yet versatile region. The project fostered cooperation between photographers from the EaP and enhanced business and educational opportunities for both professionals and amateurs.


SURE: Sustainable Urban Energy in the ENPI Region

2010 - 2012

Sustainable Urban Energy in the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument Region – Towards the Covenant of Mayors



The key result of the project is that for the first time Belarus received a strategy for sustainable energy development, which was prepared  in full accordance with the standards of the European Union for the city of Polotsk in northern Belarus. Since 2012, Polotsk has been following these strategic guidelines by aiming to harness renewable energy sources (not fossil fuels) as well as by curbing the amount of detrimental matters, namely carbon dioxide, it produces. What is more important, today, 10 other Belarusian cities are implementing their own strategies of the same kind.   




2008 - 2014


The projects gave fresh impetus for the development of cross-border tourism in the three neighboring regions of Vitebsk, Latgale and Aukštaitija.  Thousands of tourists can now discover new tourist routes around major architectural, historical and natural sights of these regions.