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Cross-border Water Inspectors: Towards Joint Monitoring and Development of Water Resources of the Pripyat River Basin


Project aims to save small rivers of Pripyat river basin. 20 public ecological posts will appear in Pinsk (Belarus) and Lubeshiv (Ukraine) districts. Their participants will monitor the state of rivers in these regions. 



Why is it important?

Small rivers are important sources of drinking water. Agricultural development and ecosystems supporting is impossible without them. Small rivers of Pripyat river basin located in Pinsk and Lubeshiv districts are clogged. Condition of the Black sea in which Pripyat river flows into depends on purity of these small rivers.

What will be done?


Project's partners:

  Pinsk District Executive Committee 

Foundation "Interakcia"

     Department of Education, Youth and Sport of Lubeshiv District State Administration

   Lubeshiv District Public and Ecological Organization “World Around Us”


Svetlana Poddubnaya, Project Manager, +375 29 383 59 83 (mob.), +375 17 280 13 30 (office);

Diana Lyashkevich, Visibility and communication manager, +375 44 749 25 97 (mob.), +375 17 280 13 30 (office);