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Published at : 2019-06-12

A number of bright events dedicated to energy saving and climate change issues are being held throughout this June in the cities that participate in the Covenant of Mayors. More than 30 Belarusian cities and towns have announced their plans to organize Energy Days this month.


Organizing Energy Days is one of the voluntary commitments taken by the member-cities of the Covenant of Mayors in Climate and Energy international initiative. These events are aimed to improve the residents knowledge about how to save energy, heat, water and other resources.

In order to raise people’s interest in the sustainable energy topic, the city authorities are using new creative approaches and involve a great number of partners - NGOs, utility service sector enterprises, educational and cultural institutions.

In 2019 Brest and Pružany became the first Belarusian cities to run Energy Days.

In Brest there were a trade exhibition of locally produced energy-efficient equipment , an excursion to the utility service enterprises where the energy effective technologies are already being implemented as well as an energy-themed urban quest and the children drawing contest. The official part of the Energy Days was held at the Brest City Executive Committee building, where guests and the local experts have told the audience about the energy efficiency and climate change adaptation improving measures implemented in the cities. 

Pružany have focused on the local educational institutions and have organised a whole Energy-saving Week with lectures, ‘information hours’ and a visit to Ružany mini Hydroelectric Power Plant and mini Thermal Power Central.

The week has ended by the contest in energy saving, ecology and sparing natural resource management between 15 school teams of intellectuals. 'Phoenix' the team of the Secondary School no 2 from Pružany (coach - Natalia Dronzhek) has won this close-fought contest.

The Pinsk district has launched its Energy Days 2019 on the 5th of June - the World  Environment Day.

For the first time, a number of topical events were held all over the Pinsk district which were aimed at raising the residents awareness of the issues of energy saving, rational nature resources usage, switching to the clean energy etc. Please see the video report:

When preparing the Energy Days program, the cities can consult with the organisations supporting the Covenant of Mayors in Belarus -  Interakcia Foundation (the Covenant of Mayors - East project office) and IPO "Ecoрartnership". These organizations help at the planning stage, organize educational webinars and trainings, prepare press-released to be published in the local media, and, most importantly, they provide the prizes for awarding the most active participants  - mugs, bags, pen-cases, reflective stripes, notepads etc procured with the EU support.

The Belarusian cities are actively organizing the Energy Days since 2017. The number of events is growing along with the increase of the Covenant of Mayors participant-cities . While just 15 cities had celebrated the Energy Days in 2017, there were 39 of them in 2018.

Not all the cities  organize the Energy Days in June - some of them do this as a part of the major festivities like the City Day or ecology-themed dates like  the International Energy Saving Day (11th of November). But May and June are considered the most suitable time for such events as the European Union Sustainable Energy Week is being held then (in 2019 EU SWE is on the 17-21st of June).

Cities around the globe that organise their Energy Days in May or June are registering their events at the European Union Sustainable Energy Week website ( Pryžany, Kobryn, Bychaŭ, Pinsk, Ašmiany, Niasviž, Smarhoń, Hlybokaje, Polack, Haradok, Talačyn, Mścislaŭ, Kličaŭ, Biaroza, Krasnapoĺlie, Marjina Horka, Slonim, Zeĺva, Šarkaŭščyna, Navahrudak, Viliejka, Baranavičy and other Belarusian cities have already announced their events on this website or awaiting the publication.

The photo reports about the Energy Days are published on the website of the Covenant of Mayors in the Eastern Partnership countries as well as the Belarusian webpage of the Covenant of Mayors. The supporting organizations also create single-page websites with the full review of the events.

Background information:

Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy is an urban climate and energy initiative of the European Union bringing together local, regional and national authorities voluntarily committed to implementing the EU climate and energy objectives. With over 7755 signatories representing more than 252 million citizens, it has become the world’s largest climate and energy initiatives. 

Covenant of Mayors East (CoM East) is the EU-funded Project aimed at bringing together local and regional authorities of the Eastern Partnership countries in implementing sustainable energy policies, reducing their dependence on fossil fuels, increasing security of energy supply and facilitating the global movement on climate change mitigation. Out of more than 368 communities from the Eastern Partnership countries 48 Belarusian local government bodies committed themselves to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to 20% or 30%.

EU4Energy Initiative covers all EU support to improve energy supply, security and connectivity, as well as to promote energy efficiency and the use of renewables in the Eastern Partner countries Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. It does this by financing projects and programmes that help to reform energy markets and to reduce national energy dependence and consumption. Over the longer term, this makes energy supply more reliable, transparent and affordable, thus reducing energy poverty and energy bills for both citizens and t