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Published at : 2018-05-10

How to make city more convenient for its citizens? Green plan will answer this question. It will be developed by Minsk City Executive Committee with the support of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development. Experienced team of experts will help to draw up the plan, international consulting company “Mott MacDonald” and Interakcia Foundation are among them. Kick-off meeting of the “Green city” project took place on May 4 in Minsk City Hall.


Why does Minsk need this Plan?

Almost a quarter of population of Belarus lives in Minsk, this has an impact on the environment. In order to solve these problems and make it comfortable for its citizens Minsk will draw up a green plan. It will include activities related to quality of air, water, soil as well as  availability of green zones. By making this plan Minsk joins international network of “green cities”. It includes such capitals as Yerevan, Tirana and Tbilisi. As “green city” Minsk will become more attractive to investors and raise funds for ecological projects.

Not every city can participate in EBRD's project "Green cities". Suitable candidate should have more than 100 000 population, adopt Green Action Plan and initiate a pilot project.

Who is doing it?

Plan is developed by Minsk City Executive Committee with the support of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development. Experienced team of consultants from MottMacdonald (Great Britain), Ricardo-AEA (Great Britain) and Interakcia Foundation (Belarus) assists Minsk in drawing up the document. Interakcia is responsible for project management and provides 4 experts: Project Manager Ivan Shchadranok, Stakeholder Engagement Expert Marina Borisova, Legal Expert Ivan Martynov, Strategic Environmental Assessment Expert Pavel Halauko. Plan is developed according to the methodology of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development.

According to the methodology, in the beginning City will define what does have bigger impact on its environment. Then it will be figured out how does it have impact and what to do (all have been already done) to mitigate it.

Ivan Shchadranok, Project Manager

“We are happy to cooperate with Mott MacDonald and help Minsk to develop the Green Plan. Together with participants of kick-off meeting we discussed which problems does city have and what should be done to solve them. Authorities consider that problems related to transport, waste management and waste from industrial enterprises should be highlighted. These problems will be taken into account during the development of plan”

Ivan Shchadranok - Project Manager

Would activists and NGOs be involved in the process?

Marina Borisova, Stakeholder Engagement Expert

“At least two public consultations will be held during the development of plan. First will take place when city will define its ecological challenges and second when authorities will draw up activities to achieve such ambitious goals. Our task as consultants is to help city to establish dialogue with stakeholders, including activists and public organizations. We have already proposed City to involve to the development of the Plan such organizations as Minsk Urban Platform, Minsk Bicycle Society, Center for Ecological Studies, City Forester campaign and so on. We plan to arrange meeting with them where we will tell more about the project and define further action”

If you and/or your public organization wants to be involved in public consultations, please contact Marina at

Green City Action Plan will be ready during May-June 2019 and approved till the end of 2019. Also Minsk is going to reconstruct waste disposal station and insulate residential buildings   in the framework of ”Green City” project.


Ivan Shchadranok, Project Manager,

Marina Borisova, Stakeholder Engagement Expert,