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Published at : 2018-05-03

Local festivals about energy efficiency has been taking place all over the Europe for 12 years. In the run-up to European Sustainable Energy Week we try to figure out what the Energy Days are, who organizes them and why.



What is it?

Energy Days are any events which promote ideas of energy efficiency among citizens. Usually among them are workshops, contests, city games, tours at renewable energy objects, etc. Creative ideas are welcome.

Who can organize it?

Anyone willing to promote ideas of energy efficiency: local authorities, business, proactive people.

When does it take place?

Usually in May and June. Energy Days can last from a couple of hours till weeks. If you want your Energy Days to become a part of European Sustainable Energy Week, please fill in the application form on the website. This year EUSEW takes place during June 4-8.

Where does it take place?

Energy Days take place every year in EU member states and Eastern Partnership countries. You can prepare your celebration of energy efficiency for any size of area - from a local community to an entire region. Likewise they can happen in any place: schools, market squares, conference centres, etc.

Energy Days in Belarus

Belarusian cities doesn’t lag behind European trends. For example, in Polack Energy Days has been taking place since 2012. Organizers use creative approach to make events. In different years city games, online marathon on energy efficiency, architecture school and student forum took place there. Look how Energy Days took place in Polack within the framework of EU-funded project "PubLiCity" in 2017 there.

How can I organize Energy Days?

Read there, how to organize Energy Days step-by-step. Interakcia Foundation consults signatories of EU initiative Covenant of Mayors on Climate and Energy on how to organize events and apply for European Sustainable Energy Week. During May 17-18, 2018 team of Belarusian office of EU-funded project “Covenant of Mayors - East” will conduct a training for those who work in Belarusian municipalities which participate in the initiative. Together with experts participants will draw a concept of Energy Days for their cities.

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