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Published at : 2018-01-15

EU-funded project “Valozhyn without barriers” has been implemented in Valozhyn district for 3 years. How the things with making this region more accessible for people with disabilities are going on? Let’s talk about the achievements of this project in 2017 and plans for 2018.


First hostel for people with disabilities in Belarus, accessible nature trail and festival of social integration - what Valozhyn is expecting for in 2018?

This year “Valozhyn without barries” is entering the final stretch. Here is what is going to happen throughout the last year of project’s implementation:

It is expected that Valozhyn district give an example of creating and developing social and recreational services accessible to everyone. Also it will foster the understanding of social integration as a process requiring both good working and leisure facilities for people with disabilities. But what was made for this in 2017?

It is real to launch social business project in a regional city

People from Valozhyn demonstrated that it is real to launch own social business in a small town is real. Finalists of first startup school presented their achievements to mass media representatives in December. Production of oyster mushrooms, touristic portal about Belarus with possibility to choose objects accessible for people with disabilities, hand-crafted jewellery - read more information about finalists in articles of  newspapers “Pracoynaya slava”, “Zviazda”, “Vmeste”. Even then, the startup cool will be continued. New season will be launched next year. The open call for those who want to launch their social or business project is launched there:



How to attract tourists with disabilities?

Equal opportunities for rest is an essential condition for social integration of people with disabilities. Owners of homesteads, representatives of tourism industry, social and museum workers developed touristic products for people with disabilities on training took place in March. 

Also contest for social and touristic business was held in spring. 5 winners received 5 thousand euros each for special equipment to make their services accessible for people with disabilities and will present the results in March 2018. For example, tourists with disabilities will be able to take a ride on horse carriage, boat and learn how to bake bread.


Also you can read recommendations on what is important to know in work with people with disabilities in tourism, how to make recreational facilities accessible and what should be taken into consideration in design in this brochure. It was prepared by experts from social, touristic and architectural sphere.

What Valozhyn can learn from Bremen?

Why there are more people with disabilities on the streets of German city Bremen than in Belarus? Participants of project’s Working group figured it out during the study visit in August. There is much to learn from German colleagues. For example, public transport in Bremen is equipped with special lifts, museums make their exhibitions accessible for people with different types of disabilities, accessibility of different institutions could be checked in the Internet. Read there the best practices in creation of accessible environment.



EU project "Valozhyn without barriers" is being implemented by Valozhyn District Executive Committe, Interakcia Foundation, Public Association "Belarusian Society of Disabled People", Belarusian Association "Country Escape". Project is funded by the European Union.