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Published at : 2016-10-17

In September 2016 the results of the public opinion poll among Polotsk citizens were known - the respondents expressed their attitude to energy saving and told about their energy-saving habits in daily life.


The public opinion poll was held among Polotsk citizens from May to June 2016, and the results were drawn in September. 3228 people took part in it: among them 1947 women and 1278 men, aged from 18 to 65. The respondents were offered to fill in printed and online questionnaires (the latter - on local media websites and the website of Polotsk executive committee).

As reflected in the poll, Polotsk citizens have become more curious about energy saving. 48,07% of respondents think that they are quite well informed, 15,46% are searching for this kind of information themselves, and 12,87% admitted to not taking any interest in this sphere. Meanwhile, 42,09% of the pollees do not know which energy efficiency class their domestic appliances have. Almost the same rate of respondents (41,53%) buy appliances of А and higher class.



Polotsk citizens are ready to receive information about energy saving from the city executive committee (21,24%), independent experts (21,09%) and power supply service (20,45%). Other sources (such as ecological organizations, media, housing and communal services) are being less trusted.

Important to mention that 79% of respondents admitted saving energy at home. As a rule, in houses and flats there are counters for electricity (as 86% of respondents mentioned),  cold and warm water (86 % and 80 % respectively), as well as heat energy (61,9%) and gas (7,3%).

The toughest thing appears to be changing the everyday habits and being more economical. Thus, in several points the opinions of the respondents divide almost in half. For instance, by using the washing machine and dishwasher, 57,5% of respondents are using the “full load” regime, in contrast to 42,5%, and less than half of the respondents (46,5%) are being thrifty using cold water. Nevertheless, part of the respondents are ready to save water in other ways. Taking a shower instead of a bath and being there for a shorter period of time is an option for more than a half pollees (59,3%), and turning off the faucet when not being used — for 51,1%. By moving around the city, most dwelling in Polotsk prefer the comfort of their personal automobile (33%), and more rarely decide for the public transport, bicycle or walking on foot.

Financial factor is still the most decisive and convincing for Polotsk citizens, to start saving energy.  For instance, energy saving bulbs are being used more often since they help reduce the bill. 23,5% of survey participants replied that they have switched to ESL completely, and 43,4% have several of these at home.

Results of the opinion poll will help assess the overall awareness of Polotsk citizens about energy saving sphere and understand what suggestions can be made to improve it. The next survey will be conducted at the end of 2018. By comparing the results, one can conclude, whether Polotsk citizens became more conscious in using energy in everyday life. 

The poll was held as part of the PubLiCity project devoted to street light modernization in Polotsk. It is being realized by the with financial assistance of European Union. Thanks to the project, by 2019 the central streets of Polotsk will have 1340 new LED and reusable energy lamps. They are expected to reduce the of energy in the city by more than 1600 MW an hour and the carbon dioxide emissions — by 750 tons compared to 2010. The historical buildings of Polotsk will have new decorative lightning, as well.

In August 2016, energy audit of the city lightning was conducted in Polotsk. In the following two months design estimate documentation for modernization of the lightning will be worked out. Setting up the new lightning is being planned not earlier than May 2017. As for the decorative lightning, the technical requirements for design estimate documentation are ready, and the tender is to be announced by the end of October.