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Published at : 2016-09-26

In the time of European Mobility Week in Belarus there was given a start to ZOOM. Kids on the Move campaign. In Polotsk and Novopolotsk it was being held for the second time, and Minsk has seen it for the first time, with students of Gymnasium No19 and the Belarusian Music Academy College.


The international educational campaign ZOOM. Kids on the Move was initiated by the Climate Alliance organization from Germany, and Interakcia Foundation has became its promoter in Belarus two years ago.

The campaign to show the children is aiming to show children what impact transport has on their surroundings, how to make everyday trips through the city more eco-friendly and comfortable. For each “ecological” trip or walk children will be getting a “green footprint” which amounts to 1 kilometer. Those “green footprints”, as well as children’s suggestions from all over the world will be presented at United Nations Climate Change Conference in Morocco to take place early November.

In Polotsk the Kids on the Move campaign is being held for the second time. This year the official opening took place at School No6 and Gymnasium No1, where Sergei Leichenko, Deputy Chairman of Polotsk District Executive Committee, and Andrei Borovik, representative of the Citizen Working Group on development of city mobility, were present. They both stressed the importance of the children´s voices and suggestions to be heard. 

Start of the ZOOM campaign at School No6 in Polotsk 

“I am glad that you are now among thousands of children from Europe who have started their ecological adventure, gather “green footprints” and care about the environment. It is very important for us that you already now join in ecologically friendly lifestyfe and make steps to make your home city greener and better”, noted Sergei Leichenko.

In Minsk students’ ecological endeavours were encouraged by the director and manager of Interakcia Foundation, Ivan Shchadranok and Anton Radniankou. They visited Gymnasium No19 which can boast with well-equipped bicycle parking places and racks, as well as active and initiative students. The Republican College by the Belarusian State Academy of Music also joined in. These two educational institutions became the first to support the ZOOM campaign.


As the campaign was being launched on Car Free Day, children and their parents came to school on bikes. Moreover, students from School No6 in Polotsk initiated an interactive flashmob on the bus stops called “The Choice is Yours”. They offered the passers-by to choose the image of the city they would like to live in.


Also, they held an informational campaign telling car drivers about Car Free Day, with the assistance of traffic inspector of Polotsk District Office of Internal Affairs. Students from Gymnasium No19 in Minsk together with officials from state traffic inspectorate organized a campaign and offered automobile drivers to turn their attention to ecologically friendly transport. 

Informational campaign near school No6 in Polotsk 

Informational campaign near Gymnasium No19 in Minsk 

In Polotsk the campaign engaged all the 17 schools (this is about 800 students from 2-6 classes), and in Novopolotsk – about 700 students. On the whole 1500 students supported the ZOOM campaign. It will last till mid-October.

The ZOOM Kids on the Move campaign in Polotsk, Novopolotsk and Minsk took place marking the European Mobility Week 2016. This international festival is being held each year and devoted to development ecological transport in cities. In Polotsk it was organized thanks to Polotsk District Executive Committee and Interakcia Foundation — more details can be seen here.