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Published at : 2016-05-02

In April and May, school students from Polotsk and students from the city’s university could submit their ideas on how the city should improve its cycling infrastructure. These ideas were ranked by the jury of the contest Bike Lane Guru. Choose Your Way, which included Interakcia’s managers, and on April 28, the best proposals were named in one of Polotsk’s high schools. The best teams provided convincing arguments for creating suggested bike lanes and prepared video presentations of those arguments.


15 school teams, or 40 school students, and some university students took part in the contest Bike Lane Guru. Choose Your Way. They were asked to present an “ideal” route for biking in Polotsk, explain why it is important for the city and its residents, and to show in a short video what streets will be covered by their route (the last condition was optional, however).

The students representing the 1st Polotsk’s State Gymnasium were the best in the three parts of the contest task. In fact, they managed to present three routes for biking: around major historical monuments in the city’s center, around the city’s private housing neighborhoods, and the most outstanding route encircling the entire city.


A report from the contest's final ceremony by Sammit+TV, the Polotsk TV


The contest Bike Lane Guru. Choose Your Way was organized right after Polotsk residents had chosen through an online voting the route for the city’s first bike lane. It is expected to appear this summer and will connect the city’s center and the neighborhood called Aeroport. Both activities, the contest and the prospective creation of the city’s bike lane, are parts of a project that should provide Polotsk government with a new transportation strategy for the city. As expected, a great emphasis in the strategy will be made on the need to create more bike lanes and popularizing urban biking among children and youth since this means of transportation is healthy and eco-friendly.

The final version of the city’s transportation strategy, Polotsk’s Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, should appear at the end of this year. The funding for the project was provided by the European Union, while Interakcia and Polotsk District Executive Committee are implementing the project.