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Published at : 2016-04-13

On April 9, 22 700 volunteers from 43 cities and towns took part in Zrobim! clean-ups: they collected 560 000 liters of garbage at 500 different places all over Belarus.   


The capital city of Minsk had the biggest number of such places. However, small regional cities and regional towns also supported Zrobim! And private businesses were especially active in the campaign. For instance, classified adds platform Kufar became its major sponsor. In addition, Kufar and Interakcia’s staff together conducted a clean-up in one of Minsk’s neighborhood and collected 1000 liters of garbage!

Zrobim! campaign is the Belarusian part of Let’s Do it! movement that already unites 112 countries and 14 million volunteers. Belarus joined the movement in 2012, and since then, the number of those willing to participate in the clean ups has been only rising. For instance, in 2015, around 1500 people supported Zrobim! campaign: that is, in 2016, its popularity has risen by 15 times, given the current year’s number of supporters!




Photos by Zelenaya Set Association (Green Network)


What is especially important is that Zrobim! campaign is fully based on the principle of voluntary participation. Those who decide to join it are free to find their own “dirty places” in parks, forests, along riverbanks and then organize their own clean-ups.  

Interakcia has been supporting Zrobim! campaign since 2015, and this year, it has become one of its organizers together with Zelenaya Set Association (Green Network), Center for Environmental Solutions Minsk Cycling Community, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, and  Ministry of Housing and Communal Services.

The date of the next Belarusian clean-ups Zrobim! – October 1, 2016.