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Published at : 2015-11-24

Children from Polotsk and Novopolotsk collected almost 4000 Green Footprints withing an initiative organized by Interakcia Foundation this fall. They received these footprints made from color paper for every ride on public transport or walk. The conference in Paris is to begin at the end of November; it should result in a universal multilateral agreement on fighting climate change.


257 children from three schools in Polotsk and Novopolotsk learned in September and October about environmental consequences of their trips. Specifically, the students got to know that exhaust fumes from vehicles are very detrimental to the Earth’s ozone layer that protects our planet from getting warmer, and therefore, car usage should be limited.

Together with their teachers, the initiative’s young participants also conducted practical experiments to learn the greenhouse effect, and interviewed their parents and grandparents to track how the approaches to urban mobility have been altering throughout several generations.

Furthermore, on their Green Footprints the guys could write ideas for experts and politicians who are going to convene in Paris to find efficient methods for tackling climate change.






The footprints with the Belarusian school students’ ideas were already given to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection; with the Belarusian delegation, they will travel to the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference. Moreover, the most interesting ideas might be displayed at the conference.

This environmental initiative in Polotsk and Novopolotsk was organized as part of the European campaign Zoom – Kids on the Move, which was launched in 2002 for the first time. More than 1.5 million European school students already supported this initiative and collected around 20 million footprints. This year, the Green Footprints collected by the campaign’s participants will be sent to Paris to remind politicians that protecting climate is crucial for the well-being of future generations.

Besides, the activities in Polotsk and Novopolotsk’s schools were conducted under the auspices of the European Mobility Week, which Polotsk (first in Belarus) and Novopolotsk officially supported this year.

Zoom campaign in Belarus was organized by Interakcia Foundation with financial support coming from the European Union and in cooperation with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, as part of the project on the development of the Polotsk’s Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan.

The materials for conducting next year Zoom campaign (adapted by Interakcia Foundation) are available here; for any other questions call + 375 29 334 24 76