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Published at : 2015-04-30

From March 25 until April 25, in an online poll, Polotsk citizens were choosing the most pressing transportation problems of the city as well as solutions to them. The data collected during the poll should help experts to develop an effective transportation strategy for Polotsk. Its presentation will happen next year.


Polotsk residents could submit their answers on the website of Polotsk District Executive Committee and on the Polotsk city portal The overall number of the participants reached more than 600 people. Polotsk media, radio station Evropa Plus Polotsk, TV channel Sammit+TV, and newspaper Polotsky Vestnik, account for such high attention to the poll. These media outlets were actively disseminating information about the opportunity to evaluate the transportation situation in the city.

By answering 16 easy questions, Polotsk residents could evaluate the work of the public transportation and define hindrances that do not allow them to move around the city by bicycle or on foot. A certain range of question also helped to find out how often people in Polotsk use cars, bicycles, and city buses.

The results point out that the key transportation problem in Polotsk is the unsatisfactory quality of the roads. Not surprisingly, the residents voiced the need to repair them, – noted Anton Radniankou, Project Manager at Interakcia Foundation that is coordinating the development of a new transportation strategy for Polotsk. – Still, the quarter of the answers to the question of how to deal with the transportation problems in Polotsk demonstrates that many of its residents would also like move along specially allocated city bicycle lanes. The option of developing the city’s public transportation got the third place, while a very few persons said that the city has no trasportation problems.”

The results of the online poll will inform the work of the experts who are currently preparing the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for Polotsk. They represent two organizations: the Institute of Urban and Regional Planning (BelNIIPgradostroitelsva) and the Belarusian Association of Transport Experts and Surveyors. This is precisely the Mobility Plan that will become a city’s strategy to resolve the transportation problems. According to the poll, this strategy should include improvement of the Polotsk roads, creation of bicycle lanes and parking spots for bicycles, and creation of new public transportation routes.

The Mobility Plan is being developed thanks to financial support from by the European Union. The final version of the document will be presented to Polotsk residents in 2016, while now the project will proceed with a meeting between the local authorities, experts and representatives of the civil society. It will take place in May. The meeting will concern possible transportation scenarios for Polotsk; detailed results of the poll will be also presented at the event.