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Interakcia Foundation is a non-governmental, non-commercial organization that creates and improves conditions for the sustainable development of Belarusian regions and towns.

Each region is a territory boasting unique potential for moving forward. Our activities aim to reveal and bolster such regional potential. Furthermore, Belarus is a country of small towns and cities; and we believe they should turn into growth hubs for Belarusian regions. 

A region can ensure continuous and sustainable growth when it has capacities to attract investors and tourists, to provide opportunities for entrepreneurship and recreation. However, sustainable development also means care about the nature, comfortable and safe life, and preservation of cultural traditions while simultaneously becoming more connected with neighbors.


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Applying such an approach to sustainable development, Interakcia Foundation in cooperation with partners coming from local governments, other non-governmental organiztions, businesses, and media achieved successful results in 22 Belarusian regions:



Interakcia became the first Official Supporter of the Covenant of Mayors in Belarus and is now promoting the principles and approaches of this initiative, which brings together local governments from all over Europe aiming to decrease carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere. Learn more










Our mission:  Applying professional approach and successful experience in the field of sustainable development, we create the conditions for initiative people and organizations to jointly contribute for the welfare of Belarus.




Interakcia, Local Foundation for Promotion of International Dialogue and Cooperation  

Address: 95 Nezavisimosti Ave., office 808, 220029, Minsk, Belarus.

Tel./fax: +375 17 237 48 40

e-mail: (Head of Interakcia Foundation  Ivan Shchadranok)